The Truth About Women's Health


This week two seminars had been held in Dnipro and Cherkasy, Ukraine, on postpartum depression, and physical and mental health.

In Dnipro, around 50 medical professionals including psychologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, and representatives from the department of health discussed the stereotypes of postpartum health, identifying postpartum depression, and discussing ways to manage it. In particular, Doctor S.M. Moroz, Deputy Head of the Psychosomatic Department of the Mechnikov Clinical Hospital said,

“We are doctors. We are the first people who see women after childbirth, and it’s up to us to be able to see early signs of physical and mental changes. This training is influential in helping us to understand the signs of postpartum depression, and the methods to assist women during this time.”

Also present were PK activists, sharing their stories, and understanding of the importance of medical care with women’s health.

In Cherkassy, over 40 teachers and PK activists gathered to discuss the importance of believing in women, providing accurate, bias-free information, and understanding the correlation between women’s mental and physical health.

Galina Medvedeva, creator of this particular seminar and PK activist said,

“Among the participants were those who highly influence public opinion, like members of the medical community. We, along with these representatives, have the ability to spread accurate information about women’s health to all, and its critical for the future of women’s health.”

Lily Katz