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"When I first went to a Project Kesher seminar in Moscow, I asked, “Where is this money coming from?” I was told it came from personal donations from American women. Words failed me; I was speechless. This is something sacred, something sanctified, when people think of someone who is far away, someone they’ll never meet."

- Bella B., Donetsk, Ukraine, Project Kesher Women’s Group Leader


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Your support of Project Kesher makes a difference in the lives of women, families, communities, and entire countries. 

At Project Kesher, we have been investing by our values for 30 years, ensuring that women have the tools they need to succeed. Project Kesher invests in women’s leadership training and then supports women with programming ideas and a network of peers and mentors. Our initial investment in a new leader is about $400. That woman returns to her community and immediately begins to engage others in Jewish, interfaith and feminist programs. The return is a staggering $10,000+, per leader trained, if time is valued at just $5/hour. The average graduate generates one program a month for eight years. Many become lifelong PK activists.

Please consider making a gift today. Contact us to discuss your gift, including estate planning and matching gifts.

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HOST An event - invite all your friends

Word of mouth remains Project Kesher’s number one way of growing our work. Host a breakfast, lunch, or cocktails gathering at your home, with people in your circle. Gatherings have taken place over breakfast, lunch or cocktails. We will provide a speaker with an inspiring and compelling story. You provide the space, food and company, and we do the rest.

MAKE A connection

If you know journalists, celebrities, or academics in PK’s area of work, if you have a connection to make for us, you can help us grow. If have connections with family foundations, individuals who have may an interest in supporting the work of PK, a synagogue giving circle, a philanthropic advisor, or your local Jewish Federation, please make the introduction.


Project Kesher has a program where our U.S. supporters are matched one-to-one with a leader from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Israel. Through weekly meetings by Skype with your partner, you help them practice English. It is a wonderful connection to make and we provide training and support.


Project Kesher has brought 36 Torah Scrolls to the region to date. Often, connecting synagogues with surplus Torahs on hand to PK communities in need.  All Torah Scrolls are sent off with a formal Torah Return Ceremony. Torah Scrolls can be dedicated in memory or honor of someone special.

Travel with project kesher

Traveling the region with Project Kesher is like no other travel experience. What sets our trips apart is the exposure to every day life in the region, as well as access to high-level decision makers. Unlike typical “touristy” programming, we provide meaningful connections to the people in the communities we visit and personal growth opportunities for those traveling with us.

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