Over 400 Attend Women's Day Event in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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On February 17, 2019, Project Kesher Ukraine (PKU) hosted the second annual Women's Day in partnership with the Jewish cultural center Beit Dan, and 12 local community organizations in Kharkiv including the JDC, Chesed Shaare-Tikkva, JA Sochnut, Moishe House, Professional development of Kharkiv Fond, The Museum of Women and Gender History, and the Kharkiv Special Teaching and Educational Complex. This program was staffed entirely through volunteers and funded with local support.

This year, more than 400 people from Kharkiv and Poltava participated (the event was organized by PKU activists from Poltava) with an intense and diverse program with high-caliber speakers. Lectures, workshops, and more than 16 master-classes were offered on a wide range of issues facing women today – raising children, women’s health, professional networking and entrepreneurship. The featured lecture, Criminal code 2019, explored common myths about paid sex work, consent for sex, and the laws. The highlight of Women's Day was Tune of the Heart, an exhibition by young artist Karina Kucherenko.  Micky Katzyf, director of JDC in North-eastern region of Ukraine, said, "The activity is held in Kharkiv for the 2nd time and it packs the halls, and has spurred the activism of many local organizations."

PKU's coordinative council was established in Kharkiv only 4 months ago with miraculous results. Congratulations to the team, Yana Levinskaya, Elena Bondarenko, Lara Polskaya, Julia Bilyuchenko, Alyona Guryeva, and all the PK activists in Harkov.

Lily Katz