Project Kesher with The Union of Muslim Women in Moscow


On May 16th, 2019,  Svetlana Yakimenko addressed The Ramadan Tent in Moscow, with the Union of Muslim Women. The Ramadan Tent is an annual cultural and charitable project, organized by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Moscow with the support of the Russian Spiritual Administration of Muslims. Everybody is welcome, regardless of nationality and religion, to have a festive dinner, listen to music or learn something new. Sveta spoke to the audience on domestic violence laws and enforcement, women's unemployment, and the needs of refugees.

The goal of Project Kesher’s interfaith collaborative work is to engage and empower women leaders from different denominations to work together to address intolerance, social injustice and build a more inclusive and civil society.

Since 2015, Project Kesher Russia has been organizing with Christian and Muslim women to promote promote gender equality in their communities and their nation. Now, Project Kesher is hard at work on a joint agenda that we envision including such issues as domestic violence, reproductive health, trafficking in women and tolerance. Project Kesher Russia has been asked by the Chief Imam of Russia to support Muslim Women in making the connection between faith and women's activism.  

Lily Katz