Strategic Focus

Three key strategies to effect change:

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1. Leadership

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2. Replicable Programming

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3. Technology

WE TRAIN LEADERS who then build local networks of support. PK women inspire and mentor each other as they put Jewish values to work for social justice in their communities.

WE IDENTIFY A NEED, RESEARCH, PILOT, THEN SPREAD our programs throughout the PK Geography. This methodology ensures practicality of programs without significant upfront out-of-pocket costs.

WE INVEST IN TECHNOLOGY so that our women can access and share best practices across wide geographic locations -- at little or no cost.  

  1. Leadership

By training leaders from within communities, we build credibility country by country and ensure that our work is sustainable.

Project Kesher’s Leadership Training offers a Jewish-content based curriculum. We prepare Jewish women and girls to take on major leadership roles in communities throughout the region.

Participants learn Jewish values and are trained to:

  • Pilot and manage grassroots projects

  • Facilitate substantive areas of programming

  • Advocate at the local, regional and national levels

  • Manage media relations

  • Fundraise

  • Secure resources

Upon completion of the Leadership Training programs, graduates continue to get support from Project Kesher staff and peer mentors through our on-line networking group.

More than 600 of our graduates (many of them under the age of 30), have become professional and lay leaders in the Jewish communities in this region.

Next Generation Programming

Participants in Forum Theater, part of Project Kesher’s Next Generation Programming 2018.



Katerina Hittrova, and her daughter Alexandra, two of Project Kesher’s earliest mother/daughter participants.

Leadership Training in Israel

Project Kesher Activists celebrate 10 years of Project Kesher Israel.


2. Replicable Programming

With 170 women’s groups and 90 interfaith coalitions in the PK network, PK is a powerhouse programming vehicle delivery system.  Each month, PK’s Teams in the Region and Israel share programming ideas that trained activists adapt to the needs of their communities.  

Some programs are unique to Project Kesher - such as Project Kesher’s women’s health initiatives. Others are done in partnership with leading organizations that share our values.

Examples include:

- Global Day of Jewish Learning, Partner: Aleph Society, Reach: 70 cities, 1400 women

- Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict, Partner: Pardes, Reach: 45 cities, 1100 women

- 16 Days Against Gender Violence, Partner: Rutgers University, Reach 65 cities, 4000+ women

3. Technology

We invested in a Russian language website to allow for the easy dissemination and replication of programs easily and inexpensively throughout our 170 PK groups. Ideas, useful information and materials are resourced on the site for everyone to use.

  • The website now has 24,000 registered users who get important PK information in real time, even in the most remote locations.

  • Thousands of women download our programs every month.  They conduct more than 4,500 programs a year with the help of the technological resources.