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Issue Advocacy and Civic Responsibility

“For the first time representatives of every ethnic and religious group are sitting around the same table ─ It is amazing what we can accomplish together.”

─ Elena Kalnitskaya, Project Kesher Leader, Makeevka, Ukraine


Often, women who are isolated and lack the company and support of other women believe that their problems, such as poverty or violence, are unique. In reality, these problems are systemic.  Without access to information, training, and community, women feel hopeless and helpless to change their lives.


Project Kesher brings together women to identify the issues that undermine their success and seek out solutions together.  

In Israel, elderly women found it difficult to live on their pensions - even after graduating from Project Kesher Israel’s financial literacy classes. They realized that even exercising great care - their pensions are simply too small! With PKI’s support, they began to testify in the Knesset and lobby their representatives. They asked that their Prime Minister make good on his promise to negotiate the release of their pensions from their former countries.

In Ukraine, PK women are advocating to make sure that the new healthcare policies cover issues important to women - from reproductive health to pregnancy to postpartum depression to diseases that impact women disproportionately.  

The needs of women and the Jewish community in these countries are enormous and cannot be resolved solely through international support. In order for these countries and communities to thrive, they must learn how to advocate where they live.