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Project Kesher

“Project Kesher opened new horizons for my activism, deepened my Jewish knowledge, and introduced me to young Jewish activists who share my desire to develop Jewish community, preserve Jewish tradition, and live in peace.”

- Elena Kulevnich (Minsk, Belarus), PK Advanced Leadership Program graduate and current Director, Hillel Minsk


Project Kesher’s mission is to build Jewish community and advance civil society by developing and empowering women leaders.


Project Kesher will expand and deepen a sustainable, global network of women leaders who are steeped in Jewish values and work to improve the quality of their lives and their societies.  


The values that drive Project Kesher today and into the future are based on:

Judaism–A deep commitment to tzedek, the pursuit of social justice; gemilut chasadim, loving kindness; the truth that all people are B’tzelemElohim, created in the image of G-d; an embrace of Klal Yisroel, Jewish peoplehood; and a belief that Jewish education and learning should inform all of our activities.

Feminism–A deep commitment to gender equality; a recognition of women’s unique ability to nurture and educate one another and empower ourselves; a recognition that women’s philanthropy can address the issues women prioritize.

Pluralism–A deep commitment to foster religious and ethnic understanding; a respect for the individual, for different expressions of Judaism, perspectives and cultures; and a willingness to build on these differences and act as a catalyst for their integration in the larger community.