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Economic Self-Sufficiency

Our programs motivate women, many of whom are under great stress, toward self-actualization, helping them to take control of their financial lives and fine-tune their professional skills.


During the recent economic crisis, women were disproportionately affected by layoffs and downsizing. Women who were already financially supporting multigenerational families were strong-armed into waiving their unemployment rights.


Project Kesher runs 18 award-winning vocational computer centers in Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine, in partnership with World ORT.  They are open to women of all ethnicities and faiths to teach women financial literacy and skills to stay relevant in the workplace.

The Centers have graduated nearly 20,000 women at a cost of less than $75 per woman.

The goal is to empower women to take control of their finances and make good decisions to protect themselves and their families.

Program Highlights