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Project Kesher - Update from Tver, Russia

New York - July 1, 2010 - As you may know, the Jewish Community Center in Tver, housing the synagogue and the ORT KesherNet Center was bombed about a week ago.  Normally, we read about this type of attack and don't know what follows. Due to the fact that Project Kesher has a very strong presence in Tver, we do know and think it is important that you do, too. 

Although the bomb was a shock to this community, we now know that the Jewish community was able to continue operations almost immediately.  In addition, we initially believed that the ORT KesherNet Center might need to be shut for a few days.  However, operations continued as usual.  The government of Tver was very responsive.  The police came out to investigate.  Our leaders perceived it as a full fledged investigation.  Government leaders came out to the scene, denounced the attack and stated that the government supported the Jewish community and paid for repairs.  The Russian Jewish Congress sent a representative to support the community.  Community members went to the center to show they would not be scared away.  

Project Kesher's leadership felt that there would have been an even stronger turnout but for the fact that Russia is already moving into summer vacation mode.  In sum, the response to date has been very appropriate from our leaders' perspective.  Consistent with the work we have been doing based on the Not In Our Town model, Project Kesher's leaders are now meeting to develop a response to the attack that will hopefully, result in increased dialogue in Tver with people of many different faiths and ethnic backgrounds so that there is a grassroots movement in the community to prevent future attacks and if necessary, respond to them with a unified vision.