Forced into lives of prostitution ─

More than half a million women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are trafficking victims.


Trafficking in Women & Internet Brides

Project Kesher, working with The Angel Coalition and La Strada, has been a leader in the anti-trafficking movement throughout Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Our awareness campaigns on human trafficking reach communities throughout our network of women's groups who work hard to:

  • Empower activists with policies and draft legislation from around the world
  • Alert young women to the dangers
  • Offer job training 
  • Provide practical assistance to victims of sex trafficking
  • Help families to find their missing daughters
  • Distribute anti-trafficking information on our website, newsletters, brochures and booklets in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia and Israel.  We go into schools and universities to reach the most vulnerable target populations.  We get information about trafficking included in school curricula.
  • Partner with medical schools, ethnic and religious leaders, travel agencies, psychologists and employees of migration services.

In May, 2010, Project Kesher organized a ground-breaking multi-ethnic and multi-faith initiative in Kislovodsk, Russia, to launch a campaign against human trafficking in the region of Northern Caucasus and Dagestan, where trafficking was an unnamed epidemic.  We were the first to name the problem and bring groups together to address it.  The work continues.

Most recently, Project Kesher has partnered with international organizations to free women trafficked within the former Soviet Union.

Project Kesher has particular expertise in working to stop the trafficking of women between Israel and Russia. 

Project Kesher recently advocated for the passage of the International Marriage Brokers Act in the U.S.  Now, in partnership with the Tahirish Justice Center, we distribute information warning about the higher risks associated with marrying men identified through marriage brokers and outlining the rights of “Internet Brides” who find themselves in abusive relationships in the U.S.