Let my people stay safe and free

As tensions erupted in Ukraine over the past few months, Project Kesher (PK) leaders wondered whether Jewish women in the region would gather to celebrate the 20th year of PK Global Women's Seders. And they did in record numbers.

During the week of March 30th, more than 120 groups of women came together to celebrate and find comfort in the Jewish communities they have built over the past 25 years. Our work continues....

If you have been watching the military action and political instability in Ukraine and Russia and wondering how you can make a difference - invest in Project Kesher. This is a critical time for those committed to tolerance, civil society building and citizen diplomacy.

We ask our friends and supporters, new and long standing, to stand in solidarity with the women and the communities in the Project Kesher network and give generously this year. We need you.


Project Kesher's Global Women's Seders


"In this particular time, it is very important to feel the support, it is important to feel a connection to feel Kesher."
Leader, Project Kesher Young Leadership Group, Cherkassy, Ukraine

Project Kesher Next Generation Leaders in Cherkassy, Ukraine
speak by phone with  other PK Women's Seders throughout the region. 

Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, joined Project Kesher's Global Women's Seders for the first time.  Its leader telling us the "Seder allows us not to feel alone in the world...in such difficult times, we feel the joy of meeting for Passover." 


Can we be free, knowing there is no peace in the world and a real possibility of war?"
Leader, Project Kesher Women's Group, Volgograd, Russia

Women at the Women's Seder in Kursk, Russia tell us:
"It was especially meaningful receiving calls from our friends in Ukraine and Belarus."

Thirty women in Tyumen Russia expressed concern for their relatives in Ukraine and sent messages to PK groups.  "For us, we worry about our Ukrainian family and we send support."  In Volgograd, women of all ages were joined by members of the ethnic Tartar Community as part of PK's significant multi-Cultural programming in that city. At the Astrakhan, Russia, Women's Seder, the head of the Project Kesher Women's Group told participants:  "There is a part of Miriam, Rachel, Rebecca in all of us. The closer we get to our story, the easier it is to make our choice in favor of ...freedom." 


"We think of our Project Kesher connection from other countries, especially from Ukraine, and pass along good wishes for peace... despite the distance. Project Kesher always unites us."

Women in Mogilev, Belarus, gather for their Seder.

In the last year alone, Project Kesher-trained leaders contributed more than 130,000 volunteer hours to Jewish communities throughout the region, staffing Jewish community centers, Sunday schools and summer camps... and leading social justice initiatives combating domestic violence, human trafficking and bullying and promoting economic self-sufficiency, women's health and the creation of more tolerant societies.

Project Kesher wants you to know, our work continues and your support is needed more than it has ever been.