Our Partners

Project Kesher maximizes the impact of our infrastructure of Jewish women's groups and multi-faith coalitions by partnering with other organizations. Here are some of our partners:

American Bar Association CEELI is a public service project of the American Bar Association that advances the rule of law in the world by supporting the legal reform process in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East.

Project Kesher partners with CEELI in the training of legal advocates to work with women in domestic violence cases in Russia.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) is committed to building a global community free from sexual exploitation. All forms of sexual exploitation, including sexual assault and the commercial sex trade, are detrimental to a healthy society and undermine the dignity of all people.
The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute develops fresh ways of thinking about Jews and gender worldwide by producing and promoting scholarly research, artistic projects and public engagement. The world's only academic center of its kind, the HBI provides research resources and programs for scholars, students and the public. 
Hebrew Union College (HUC) is the educational and intellectual center of Reform Judaism. It trains and sustains rabbis, cantors, communal and educational professionals throughout their careers for service to Reform Judaism and klal Yisrael, provides higher learning for scholars of religion of all faiths and supports the educational and spiritual growth of lay leadership for the Reform movement.

HUC provides educators for some Project Kesher programs and connects with Project Kesher to bring HUC's leaders and staff to women in Project Kesher's network.

Hillel in the former Soviet Union operates community-based centers in seven former Soviet Republics. The 27 Hillel Centers in the CIS provide approximately 10,000 young Jews per year, once denied access to their heritage, with the opportunity to reconnect to Judaism and the Jewish people.

Project Kesher partners with Hillel in Georgia to create post college educational and social advocacy programming for women and, social activist Rosh Chodesh groups on eight CIS college campuses.

Jewish Women International (JWI) is dedicated to ensuring that every woman and girl is safe, in her home and in her relationships. Today, JWI is recognized as the leading Jewish organization committed to ending the cycle of family violence and to promoting safe homes, healthy relationships and strong women.

Project Kesher partnered with JWI on domestic violence programming in the CIS and adapted its activist and rabbinic guides for a CIS audience.

The "La Strada Program: Prevention of Traffic in Women in Central and Eastern Europe"aims at preventing and suppressing trafficking in persons by: information & lobby, prevention and education and social assistance, including safe return and social inclusion.

Project Kesher works with La Strada in Ukraine to educate women about the issue of trafficking and prevent them from entering trafficking situations.

Masorti - The International arm of the Conservative movement has been an important partner for Project Kesher-Israel, providing rabbis and educators for programs for PKI's emerging leadership.
National COALITION SUPPORTING EURASIAN JEWRY (NCSEJ) - the mandated central coordinating agency of the organized Jewish community for policy and activities on behalf of the estimated 1.5 million Jews in the CIS.

Project Kesher is a member of NCSEJ and partnered with the organization on domestic violence programming in the CIS.

Not in Our Town (NIOT)  Since 1995, the Not In Our Town initiative has been a trailblazer, successfully using stories of community action together with grassroots organizing, educational outreach and social media to engage and empower hundreds of communities around the world to take a stand against hate and intolerance.  

NIOT's original 1995 PBS special about the community of Billings, Montana continues to be used by communities to inspire local action.  NIOT uses exciting new media tools to engage more diverse audiences, share resources, facilitate connections, and spread grassroots action.   Project Kesher activity is currently featured on NIOT's anti-hate map: http://www.niot.org/map

Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden - is a nondenominational academic framework established in 2000 with a foundational grant from the Swedish government. Within an interdisciplinary academic setting, Paideia educates leaders for Europe - academicians, artists and community activists - towards fluency in Jewish sources.

Project Kesher helps Paideia identify potential leaders and then, works with them to engage program graduates in CIS Jewish life.

Tahirih Justice Center, engages in direct litigation, public policy advocacy, and education and outreach to ensure systematic change that protects women and girls from violence.

Project Kesher has worked with Tahirih Justice Center to educate women in the CIS about the dangers of becoming a "mail order bride" and advising them of their rights if they choose to come to the U.S. despite these concerns.

World ORT is a London based not-for-profit organization responsible for the education and training of 270,000 people each year in 58 countries through a global network of schools, colleges, training centers and programs.

Project Kesher has teamed up with World ORT to create 15 ORT Keshernet Computer Centers providing computer and vocational training to women, with priority given to those at risk. Since its inception 87% of its 9,000-plus graduates have gone from unemployment or underemployment to self-sufficiency.

Women's Funding Network - Women’s Funding Network connects and strengthens more than 165 organizations that fund women’s solutions across the globe, making it one of the largest collaborative philanthropic networks in the world.
World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ), established in London in 1926, is the largest body of religious Jews in the world. Its basic aims are, first, to create common ground between its constituents and, second, to promote Progressive Judaism in places where individuals and groups are seeking authentic, yet modern ways of expressing themselves as Jews.

Project Kesher identifies opportunities to work collaboratively with WUPJ and its leadership in the CIS on educational and leadership programs throughout the region.

Our Funders