In 2009, Hewlett Packard rated the ORT KesherNet center ─

its number one computer project in this region.

ort keshernet

Older women workers are especially vulnerable in a tight job market.  Project Kesher runs 18 award-winning vocational computer centers in Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine, in partnership with World ORT.  They are open to women of all ethnicities and faiths.

The Centers have graduated nearly 20,000 women at a cost of  less than $75 per woman, resulting in more than 80% significantly improving their economic situation.

Our computer centers teach the fundamentals of Microsoft Office and offer training in bookkeeping and graphic design, as well as legal literacy, career counseling, job placement and resource management.  The ORT/Keshernet certificate is highly valued by companies in this region.

The Centers also serve as safe women’s centers where participants learn about access to valuable resources for women needing domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers or local vocational placement services.

In 2009, Hewlett Packard rated the ORT KesherNet center its number one computer project in this region.

Olesya works in a passport office.  Last year, the office agreed to extend her contract for another year, but only if she mastered computer skills. Because of her age (she is in her 50’s), the local employment center refused to teach her. Olesya went to the ORT/Keshernet center in Polotsk, and learned Word, Excel, and other programs. Olesya got the certificate and retained her job.  Without this help, Olesya would be out of work and unable to support herself and her family. This is one of tens of thousands of lives transformed by this project.


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