Over the centuries there have always been those who fought for tolerance  ─

Project Kesher continues this work

not in our town

We are creating a tolerance-themed quilt with squares designed by school children, college students, parents, working women and the elderly. It will become a traveling exhibit throughout Ukraine and wherever it goes . . . dialogue will follow.


- Irina Pyssina, Project Kesher Next Generation Coordinator, Cherkassy, Ukraine


Since our founding, Project Kesher has sought to build connections between people around the world and within communities.  This process became significantly more effective in 2007, when we began a collaboration with Not In Our Town (NIOT) and brought their model to Russia and Ukraine.  Since 1995, the NIOT initiative has been a trailblazer, successfully using stories of community action together with grassroots organizing, educational outreach and social media to engage and empower hundreds of communities around the world to take a stand against hate and intolerance.   This model was easily adaptable in our region and the community engagement work led by the women of Project Kesher to help build a strong civic voice against hate and intolerance shows great promise and has the potential to influence communities across the globe.

Project Kesher activity is currently featured on NIOT's anti-hate map.