The opportunity for me to get back my Jewish identity ─

that I, to my regret, know little of . . .

Mother / Daughter Retreats

From Jewish text-based leadership training to interpersonal relationship building, Project Kesher sparks Jewish leadership in this unique multi-generational program. Mothers and daughters study, celebrate and develop leadership skills together. 

Approximately 300 mother/daughter pairs have graduated from our Mother/Daughter retreats. They return to their communities and support Jewish programming, start youth groups, and become leaders of community activism.  Both mothers and daughters are welcomed into the Project Kesher leadership network with ongoing mentoring and programmatic support.

Mother Daughter Retreats:

  • Often provides the first exposure to Jewish tradition and learning for participants.
  • Facilitate and improve the relationships between the mothers and the daughters, by teaching them ways to solve conflicts, and giving them shared experiences and techniques to help them engage in ongoing constructive dialogue with mutual respect and openness;
  • Inspire and encourage the practice of Judaism as well as social activism and instill a desire to improve their lives and the lives of those around them through Jewish values;
  • Develop leaders for new Jewish community building and activism, as well as provide an ongoing pipeline of leadership for existing Project Kesher programming:

Following the retreat, it is expected that both mothers and daughters will continue their connection with Project Kesher through:

  • Participation in Project Kesher women's groups or young women’s groups;
  • Participation in planning multi-generational Jewish and social activism programming;
  • Involvement in  community celebrations and regional, joint holiday celebrations;
  • Involvement in other Project Kesher programs such as Regional Seminars, Coordinative Council Meetings and training programs, such as Beit Binah and Advanced Leadership Training;

I hope that this Mother/Daughter Retreat will give me the chance to develop personally and to move to a higher level of competence, and will become the opportunity for me to get back my Jewish identity that I, to my regret, know little of…


- Irina L. Smolensk, Russia (Mother and Participant in the November, 2010 Retreat in Minsk, Belarus) at start of the retreat