Kesher Chadash

Kesher Chadash is the next phase of PK's leadership training program, specifically developed to support the Jewish identity building and activism of the next generation of Jewish women, ages 20-35 in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, and to inspire these new leaders to take an active role in building Jewish life and promoting social activism inspired by the Jewish commitment to tikkun olam, repair of the world.

The project trains 32 young women from 16 communities over a two year period and then incorporates a year of activism at the end of the program.  The engagement and commitment of the participating communities is a key component of the project.   The participants, working in partnership with their communities, are eligible for funding and resources as they jointly achieve levels of proficiency set by the program.

This program is envisioned as a three year process resulting in a new generation of Jewish communal leaders who will be trained and motivated to attract the demographic groups essential for Jewish life; work effectively with their local Jewish communities and receive recognition for their contributions.  PK seeks to develop women leaders who, with community support, are fast tracked to break the glass ceiling.  Further, these leaders will ensure the needs of women and girls are highlighted, prioritized and addressed.