For many participants ─

this may be their first serious adult Jewish learning experience.


Jewish identity & Renewal

  • Beit Binah

    Beit Binah (“The House of Wisdom”) is our signature Jewish educational program, training women to become Torah study facilitators who can lead students from text study to values-based activism.   More than 1,500 women in 90 communities throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova study Torah each month in Project Kesher’s lay-led text study program.  In 2010, PK began our Beit Binah Health Activism programming linking Jewish study to individual and community health projects.

  • Mother/Daughter Retreats

    Project Kesher’s Mother-Daughter Retreats bring together 25 mother-daughter pairs for a four day seminar covering Jewish education and text study, communication skills, social activism and the creative arts. This program has been a powerful catalyst for Jewish renewal and the development of a new generation of Jewish and community leaders. A recent ten year survey of past participants demonstrates a strong and ongoing connection to Judaism and social activism.

    Project Kesher brings together mothers and daughters for training, to teach them Jewish history and texts of Torah, to consolidate their commitment to civil activism, to change their attitudes to stereotypes concerning women and their position in the society.


    - Tatiana P. Project Kesher Leader/Mother Daughter Retreat Facilitator

  • Torah Return Project

    Project Kesher returns Torahs to communities where the practice of Judaism had been forbidden for 70 years. As recently as 2004, no Torahs could be found in most of the communities served by Project Kesher. Today, because of our Torah Return Project, thousands of Jews are learning to read Torah, receiving Jewish names and engaging in ongoing Jewish celebrations and worship.
    * We have placed more than 20 Torahs to date.

  • Global Women's Celebrations

    Women in Project Kesher’s network conduct year-round Jewish holiday celebrations and each year reach some 3,500 women and their families.

  • Project Kesher Archives

    Project Kesher, inspired by the Jewish Women’s Archive in the United States, seeks to “uncover, chronicle, and transmit to a broad public the rich history” of Jewish women in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Project Kesher strongly supports:

  • Pluralist Judaism

    Project Kesher is strongly pluralist. We offer Torah study across the whole spectrum of religious affiliations so that participants are exposed to a variety of religious viewpoints and different ways of observing Judaism.

  • Making Women’s Voices Heard

    Through our efforts, the Jewish communities in this region have increasingly included Jewish women in leadership, policy-making, and resource allocation roles.