Economic self-sufficiency is everything to our work. When this is achieved, all else is possible.

─ Olga Krasko, Project Kesher Program Director, Polotsk, Belarus

financial & legal literacy

Through the ORT KesherNet centers and our Russian-language website, Project Kesher provides guidance on resume writing, on-line job seeking and interviewing. In some communities, Project Kesher works with women to learn how to create family budgets, decrease debt and make savvy financial decisions on such items as cell phone plans and credit cards.

During the recent economic crisis, women were laid off in disproportionate numbers to the general population and were often strong-armed into waiving their unemployment rights. Project Kesher offers online workshops on women’s economic and legal rights. Using expert volunteers, Project Kesher conducts webinars that often attract in excess of 100 women from as many communities. Counseling is also available to individual women in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.