"An unbeaten woman is like an unswept house"

                Russian Proverb

domestic violence

14,000 Russian women are killed each year in acts of domestic violence. Project Kesher conducts more than 500 initiatives a year to address this problem.

Our leaders organize coalitions of doctors, counselors, academics, crisis centers, city officials and law enforcement, as well as women's organizations, NGO's, and religious groups.

We are the catalyst for community roundtables, legislative initiatives and mass- media campaigns. We educate the police how to most effectively intervene in domestic disputes.

Project Kesher is the leading organization bringing the worldwide campaign, 16 Days to End Domestic Violence to the CIS. In partnership with Jewish Women International and NCSJ, we have created and distributed two manuals – one for rabbis and one for social workers – on fighting domestic violence in Jewish homes. Our materials are used in more than 80 communities.

Project Kesher partnered with the American Bar Association in Moscow (CEELI), recruiting women in our network to fill half of the spots in their annual advocate training program resulting in legal assistance to women who have been victims of domestic violence.

We have been moving our domestic violence advocacy work which is supported by the EU and the US embassies in Russia and Ukraine, from local community activism to strategic advocacy aimed at:

  • Improving legislation and enforcement
  • Police training the creation and implementation of school curricula
  • The creation of local and regional committees of government, NGO and media placing representatives designed to address domestic violence
  • Mounting media campaigns to end widespread acceptance of this practice. Project Kesher/Ukraine conducted a national domestic violence conference in 2009 which resulted in an invitation from the Ukrainian Duma for our official testimony.