Project Kesher is working to secure for women in the region ─

a seat at the table where policy is made and resources allocated.


A Seat at the Table initiative


  • In 2009, Project Kesher was invited to help draft Ukraine’s domestic violence legislation
  • We are now working on a nationwide tolerance curriculum for the Ukrainian school system. 
  • Project Kesher was invited to send its official representative to a key parliamentary hearing on labor laws, where we successfully ensured that the discussion included a focus on the impact of legislation on women.
  • In the depths of the economic crisis, Project Kesher provided the leadership to break down barriers and bring together for the good of the community Jewish communal leaders (who too often operate independent of one and other)  so they could work together in a response to the unfolding economic hardships. 


  • Project Kesher/Russia has been invited to serve on: the Russian Duma’s Expert Committee on Women’s Issues; its lay committee on Women’s Issues; and its committee on Abortion Rights.
  • Project Kesher/Russia has agreed to form a Russia-wide Interfaith Women’s Council to advise the government on issues important to women and girls.  The Council will back its advocacy with the organizing power of the women’s faith community.
  • In 2010, PK was represented at Russian Federation social policy parliamentary hearings; at the International Organization for Migration where gender issues were discussed;
    wasinvited to join a new committee on gender issues under the U.N. body in the Russian Federation

Our next step…

... is to build on our grassroots advocacy and expand our efforts and our voice by the use of the media and through our access to government, education and outreach to give women and girls at every level of society a better life.  Project Kesher will move toward the institutionalization of change so that unacceptable behaviors like domestic violence will no longer have a place in society.