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Look at us now!

Elena Kalnitskaya from Simferopol, Ukraine, (Project Kesher Coordinator in Southern Ukraine and Moldova) tells us…

"I went to a Project Kesher leadership seminar in Yalta.  It was my first Shabbat, the first time I ever heard Hebrew blessings.  For the first time, I felt like a Jew…

"Project Kesher made me a leader. I had always thought of myself as a follower, but at our seminars, they say you can do anything – so you come home and do it. For me it was a new idea, that women could change society.

"Thanks to Project Kesher, I began to work in radio.  It started when they painted swastikas on the synagogue.  I started a phone-in radio program about tolerance, and invited members of all nationalities to call in.  It’s a live broadcast every Thursday.  We’ve changed the city, on anti-Semitism and building tolerance.

"We have a lot of dreams: for a Jewish historical museum; for social programs to strengthen women; to publish the poetry of Jewish writers; to teach women about Judaism.  I am strong.  I can do it.  I will do it. My life is being changed."

In more than 25 years of work
at the grassroots level, Project Kesher has proved that when women learn to become agents of social change, they can transform their lives and their communities.

  • We provide cost-effective, completely replicable and scalable leadership training programs, and an ongoing peer support network, in person and online. 
  • We build leadership.  Our leaders go on to staff Jewish community services throughout the region and to build multi-ethnic coalitions to address issues affecting women and girls, such as domestic violence, trafficking and women’s health.
  • Project Kesher is recognized as an important force for change in the region by national governments, governmental agencies, police departments, and health care officials.
  • We leverage every dollar to accomplish all this in an extraordinarily cost-effective way.